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Alternate Energy Systems Inc. is the leading manufacturer of LPG Vaporizers, LPG Vapor / Air Mixers (Blenders) and the complete systems for use as a standby plant, for peak shaving and as primary gas supply. In addition to LP and LP/Air Systems, AES also manufactures gas/gas blenders for applications such as Natural gas stabilization, Landfill gas replacement and backup, Digester gas replacement and enrichment, Coke gas replacement and backup and Air/ Nitrogen blending etc.

If the supply of NatGas is interrupted, these blenders produce a mixture of LP vapor and air with properties that are equivalent to those of NatGas. This allows users to continue using their NatGas equipment, without having to switch to equipment that can handle other fuel sources like diesel, fuel oil or coal. Commercial and Industrial users can take advantage of the year round steel discounts of NatGas, offered by their utility company.

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