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LPG / Propane Storage Handling Systems

LPG / Propane Storage Handling Systems

LPG / PRPANE Storage Handling Systems From Globe Gas

LPG / Propane Storage Handling System

LPG / PRPANE Storage Handling Systems From Globe Gas

LPG / Propane Storage Handling Systems

LPG / PRPANE Storage Handling Systems From Globe Gas


From Assembly to Automation

Globe Gas specializes in complete end to end solutions from design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of Above Ground, Mounded and Under Ground Tanks for Propane / LPG Storage and Handling Facilities, meeting all the required statutory regulation and norms. The complete assembly of the facility comprising of offloading, transfer pumps, vaporizers, pressure regulators, flow meters, product piping, fire fighting and sprinkler facilities is meticulously planned and executed with precision on site. Flow, pressure, temperature and level transmitters are installed on the storage vessels and product piping is undertaken. Loading / unloading arms, product decanting hoses are provided with the tanks for ease of operations. Complete automation of the Propane / LPG plants ensures better productivity and innovative control systems using minimal labour.

LPG storage is required on a large scale at an import or trans-shipment terminal, on an intermediate scale at depots, cylinder filling plants and large industrial consumers and on a small scale at household installations. We assemble Mounded and Under Ground facilities as per the standards mentioned in NFPA 58 and PESO guidelines. This reduces risk which is reflected in a relaxation of safety / separation distances. A comprehensive approach based on experimental tests and practical experience and using Hazard and operating studies (HAZOP) guarantees safeguards at every step of installation.

Safety First: A dedicated Team for Faults, Maintenance and 24 Hours Emergency Service

  • Trouble shooting and maintenance for LPG Terminals, Storage tanks and plants, Auto gas filling station, LPG Vaporizers, Pumps and Reciprocating Compressors etc.
  • Maintaining of emergency and operation spares at our warehouse
  • Trained and expert team of technicians for customer calls
  • Co-ordination of tests to be carried out by inspection agencies

  • Non Destructive Testing Procedures and Statutory Certifications

    Non Destructive Testing Procedures and Statutory Certifications of Hydrocarbon storage and handling facilities are also offered by Globe Gas and services for:

  • Auto LPG Stations
  • LPG / Propane Bulk Terminals
  • Radiographic Inspection (ASME Sec VIII Div 1 and Sec IX)
  • Wet Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection (ASTM-A-709 / T-700)
  • Hardness Test (ASTM-E-110-89)
  • Dye Penetration Test (ASTM-E-165-89)
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Test (ASME Sec VIII Div 1 App12)
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (ASTM-A-4535-89)
  • Hydro Testing (ASME Sec VIII Div 1)



    We are pioneer in building Mounded & Above Ground Storage Tanks type LPG TERMINAL for receiving LPG by ship for storage and distribution purpose on turnkey basis.

    The terminals are designed based on the customers' requirements like Total storage capacity to be stored, Minimum quantity of LPG that can be received at the Terminal in each consignment, Land available, Distribution network available for refilling and resale of bulk LPG, Ease of operation and maintenance, Automation of the entire terminal for effective operation and safety of the terminal, we offer efficient systems for terminal management and inventory management.

    T=We carry out the design and construction of terminals and storage facilities for complete terminal on turnkey basis for various products like crude oil, petroleum products and LPG etc by incorporating enhanced control systems and a good maintenance program.

  • Facility to unload LPG from ship into storage tanks
  • LPG Storage Mounded tanks of various capacities like 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 Tons etc
  • Facility to load LPG from storage tanks into LPG semitrailers for distribution purpose
  • Facility to fill LPG from storage tanks into small cylinders with testing facility for filled cylinders
  • Fire fighting and water sprinkler system
  • Gas leak detection system
  • Tank gauging system to determine the quantity of LPG in each tank on your computer
  • High level alarm system to sound alarm when level in tank reaches 85% other instrumentation and electrical system
  • Reloading the LPG back into small barges for local distribution on small islands.
  • Mounded Storage Installations require less area.


    Oil terminals, LPG storage, Crude Oil Tanks, Petroleum products like Diesel, Petrol, Jet fuels, Kerosene, Ethylene, Propylene, etc

    Mounded bullets provide intrinsically passive and safe environment and eradicates the possibility of boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion (BLEEVE) though handling LPG possesses various challenges, due to its inherent dangerous properties, modern state of art safety features is taken into consideration while designing the facilities using various international codes.


    LPG can be stored in Terminals in various ways like LPG Mounded vessels, Above ground LPG storage tanks etc. The scope of EPCC Contracts includes:

  • Desiqn and Detailed Engineering
  • Fabrication, Testing, Procurement, Erection of Piping and Storage Tanks
  • Safety measures like Fire Fighting System
  • Supply and Installation of Safety System
  • Electrical and Instrumentation work

  • Technical Details
    Design Code ASME, PD 5500, IS 2825
    Design Pressure 17.16 Bar
    Design Temperature -20 Deg C to + 55 Deg C
    Volume 100 M3 to 5000 M3 Total Storage

    We carry out Mechanical Design Calculations and prepare the Fabrication Drawings get it certified by reputed international Third party inspection agency like BV, DNV, SGS, TUV and others. The capacity of these tanks range from 100m3 to 5000m3 as per customer's requirement. We undertake complete Design, Material Procurement, Supply, Fabrication, Erection, Inspection, Testing & Commissioning of LPG Terminal.


    The Terminal is provided with various safety measures like:

  • Fire fighting, water sprinkler system and Deluge system
  • Gas leak detection system
  • Asset management system
  • High integrity design
  • Comprehensive emergency systems
  • Tank gauging system to prevent accidental overfill
  • High level alarm system to sound alarm when level in tank reaches 85%
  • Safety valves located on storage tanks
  • Excess flow check valves on all outlets to prevent excess flow of LPG in case of downstream rupture
  • High temperature protection system
  • High pressure protection system
  • Flame detection system
  • Emergency stop switches at strategic location
  • Audio and visual alarm system for entire plant

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