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Mission Green

Launching " Mission Green "

Biogas plants

Globe Gas ventures in to Removable Energy with the birth of Rockstone Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. towards setting up Biogas plants on turn-key basis producing renewable energy from diversified sources like agro-waste, fruit & vegetable waste, kitchen waste and other biodegradable waste. We will offer consultancy to entrepreneurs looking for total solution on Biogas and those producing Bio CNG and ready to off-load the entire produce.

Our services will cover:

BIO CNG | Biogas Anaerobic Digester | Biogas Holder |Biogas Scrubbing | Biogas Purification |Biogas CO| Recovery | Biogas from Agro Waste

Municipal Solid Waste

The mountains seen in terms of municipal waste outside our cities are a serious health hazard that we have to address on a war footing if we are serious about safeguarding our climate, nature by recognizing our social responsibility.

We have all noticed the crisis; all we want is a workable solution. We have the solution and are ready to accept the challenge. With help from the authorities and local people this mountains of hazardous junk can be put to good use.